SMP CTF – 2010 Hacker Olympics – We Made It To The Finals…

July 12, 2010 at 7:57 pm (Capture The Flag, SMP CTF)

Hey all,

So this weekend was host to the “Spider Monkey Phenomenon” Capture The Flag (SMP CTF), held by redsand and magikh0e of Bl4ack Security. This was the first ever CTF that I have entered. I put together a team which composed of members from the Smash The Stack IRC network. We did really well and managed to get through to the finals at 4th place. The official score board looked like this after the final scores were counted:

1 Nibbles (5747.5)
2 Plaid Parliament of Pwning (5261)
3 n0psl3d (5231)
4 StS (4840)
5 lulzteam (4718.5)
6 Smoked Chicken (4365.75)
7 int3pids (3960.25)
8 0x28 Thieves (3785)

I am very happy with how the team worked and am looking forward to the finals. I will be writing up each challenge that we completed and hopefully the ones that were not released due to time and the couple we missed also due to time. So watch this space 🙂


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